Sunday, May 6, 2012

Project 13

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This blog assignment is to write a summary of how our groups for projects 15 and 16 collaborated other than meeting in person.

For project 15, my group communicated by email and text messaging. This was easy for me because I had everyone's cell numbers. For the other group members, they had to send out emails or ask me to ask the other members through text. It would've been much more helpful if we all had each others numbers. Starting project 16, I created a blank document in our Google Docs and shared it with everyone. This is how we gave ideas and split up the work. We still used text messaging and email, but the Google Docs helped us keep track of what we were doing in the project more.

I think it was very easy to communicate with each other using these resources. We occasionally called each other like on days we were meeting to see where others were if they were running late. All the new technology is great for having new ways of communicating without inconveniencing anyone.

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