Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blog Assignment #7

The teacher drawing from the video

1. The video Networked Studnet reminds me a lot of what I've done in almost all of my classes. We have to use the internet to research topics and get information. Whether it's to write a paper, make a report, make a project, or just to study, these sources on the internet help us to learn more about our topic. In the video, his topic was American Psychology. He was able to find resources of information and people to interview.
The question was asked, "why does the networked student even need a teacher?" Well this is because the teacher "teaches him to build his network and take advantage of learning opportunities. She offers guidance when he gets stuck, shows him how to communicate properly, and asks respectfully for help from experts. She shows him how to differentiate between good information and propaganda, how to vet a recourse, how to turn a web search into a scavenger hunt, and get excited when he finds that pearl of content. She helps him organize those mountains of information." She is a TEACHER, so she teaches the networked student how to be an independent learner.

2. The 7th grader's video Welcome to my PLE! is showing us her personal learning environment. This is a page where she keeps all the links she can use to help her in her science class. She has her class blog, informational websites, and social networks on there. It is very similar to our PLN (personal learning network). The only difference is that hers is used for class assignments, and ours is used to help aid us in our teaching career.


  1. I agree about why teachers are still needed. They are there to basically show the way and shine some light on situations for students. I like your analogies and how well you depicted the video. Also, the seventh graders PLE really gave me a heads up on what our PLN is suppose to be like and that helped me a lot! I hope to make my PLN as organized and successful as her PLE.

  2. Late. You covered the basic points with your long quote.