Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blog Assignment #8

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

1. In the video This Is How We Dream, Part 1, Mr. Miller explains how he has seen incremental changes in how we view documents and find information. We can simply pull up Google and type what we want information on, and it appears within seconds. He explained that he was asked to write an article on the one-year anniversary of the killings at Virginia Tech, and he was able to do so without taking one step into a library. He was able to find all the information he needed on that day on the internet. He also described how we can go online and follow presidential elections, news broadcasts, and other live media forms on the internet.
In the video This Is How We Dream, Part 2, Mr. Miller says that he foresees that students will no longer compose just Word documents, but will also compose with digital processors. They will get in the multimedia part of composing and add to the vastly growing knowledge on the internet. This is part of the fundamental changes on how we find information.

2. In Carly Pugh's Blog Post #12, she created this assignment to create a playlist on YouTube that has videos describing what kind of teacher we would like to be, giving tips for managing the classroom, describing what a good teacher and a bad teacher does, shows tutorials on programs we would like to use in the classroom, and many other useful videos for our teaching career.
Here is my playlist. It includes the video Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things which shows how people who have changed our world weren't always the smartest in their class, so to speak. They weren't handed fame or fortune, they had to work hard and earn it. This is a message I will be teaching my students every day in my classroom. I want them to work hard and reach their full potential.
Another few videos in my playlist are Smart Board - Elementary Education, Whole Group Kindergarten Reading Lesson Smartboard, and Top 10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education. These videos use technology in the classroom and show how they can be useful. The smartboard is something I hope to have in my classroom. I will make great use out of it.
One of my favorite videos in this playlist is How To Maintain Classroom Discipline - Good And Bad Methods Training Educational Video. This video was made in 1947, yet everything they say still holds in the classroom today. Although there are more problems teachers have to deal with now, these behavior problems are something every teacher everywhere has to know how to handle. If I teach the older elementary grades, I might show this video in class and have the class reflect on it. I would ask them to tell me what they thought about how the teacher handled the disciplinary problems in the first half of the video, then the same about the second half. This might give me some insight on how the students feel they should be treated.
This was a fun activity. It got me thinking more about what I want for my future classroom and what kind of teacher I would like to be.

3. The primary message in The Chipper Series is to be on time with your assignments. I’ve had to deal with this struggle personally. My name is Carly, and I AM A PROCRASTINATOR! This video tells how procrastinating won’t get you a good grade in this class. Chipper is a student who constantly puts off doing her work. She even says that she can see the future, and she has already done her work. Therefore, the future is the present, so the work is already done, which really makes no sense at all. If I were to participate in a video, I could easily be in this video. Like I said, I am a procrastinator.
In the video EDM 310 for Dummies, two students get so frustrated because they don’t understand how to use some of the medias in the class. I haven’t had to deal with this because Dr. Strange’s instructions have been very clear to me. However, I have a friend in the class who doesn’t understand them as easily as I do. She will ask me to explain it to her, and if she still doesn’t understand, she will go to the lab and ask the lab assistants for help.


  1. "This was a fun activity. It got me thinking more about what I want for my future classroom and what kind of teacher I would like to be. " I'm glad you did it.

    "...she has already done her were. " work not were

    "I have a friend in the class who doesn’t understand them as easily as I do." How will (can) she survive as a teacher?

    Three parts out of five. But the three you did were Excellent. procrastination got you? I would guess so since you completed those three at 11:18 pm. You better cure your procrastination before you start work as a teacher!

  2. Hi Carly

    I enjoyed reading your blog post#8.You do great work so I don't understand why you didn't finish the assignment. I know I don't do the best work, but if you start on you post on Monday and do a little at a time, its a lot easier to get everything done. Keep up the good work!