Tuesday, April 17, 2012

C4K Summary for April

C4K #8

We are dong a world blog now in class for the C4K posts. This post is from the same kid as C4K #8. This week he has posted a picture of a sunset. That is why this post is named Sun Set. It's a very pretty picture.
My comment:
"Hello again! This picture of the sun setting is very beautiful! Did you find this picture on the internet or do you know who took it? I wonder where that picture was taken. It looks like a very nice place to visit. I rarely get to watch the sun set because I'm always doing something inside. Maybe this weekend I will take the time to slow down and enjoy watching the sun set somewhere peaceful. Thank you for posting this picture and inspiring me to slow down and enjoy life! Keep up the great blogging!"

C4K #9

A drawing by a child
This week my kid posted a picture of a land fill. This student knows what a landfill could do to the earth. They state that the problem with them is that they just get bigger and bigger, and that it's not good for the environment. They think using cloth bags instead of plastic bags at the grocery store will help eliminate some of the waste in landfills. "One person can start and just tell another and it will just get bigger and bigger until every one uses cloth bags." This is a very big statement from a young student. Maybe they will be able to help the earth in a major way when they grow up.
My comment:
"This post is very inspiring to help save the earth. Hopefully no one wants to hurt our planet, but not many people think about the fact that plastic bags don't decompose. This is a big factor in why the landfills get bigger and bigger. The things we pile up on top of each other don't go away. I like that you are wanting to help save the earth. Maybe one day you will be able to do something big for our planet that will bring us one step closer to making everything good for the environment. Keep up the good work! You are a great blogger!"

C4K #10

This week I have been assigned to the blog Little Voices, Little Scholars. This blog is by Mrs. Jenny She. She is a second grade teacher at Pt. England School in Auckland, New Zealand. This blog is made for her class of mostly age 6 students. The blog post I have commented on is Charles Wrote a Story about his Easter Egg. This post shows a picture of the Easter egg Charles drew using the Kid Pix program. He recorded his story using video format. His story is that he has many Easter eggs. They are beautiful to look at and yummy to eat.
This is Charles' egg

My comment:
"Hello Charles! My name is Carly Willoughby, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I will be publishing a summary of your post on my blog today. Please feel free to visit and comment! Your Easter egg looks really cool. It's very colorful, and blue is one of my favorite colors. Your story is very well written. Did you see and eat a lot of beautiful eggs on Easter? I did. It's one of my favorite holidays! Thank you for sharing your story with me, and keep up the great work!"

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  1. Hi, Carly,

    We are honored that you have chosen our class blog! We are truly humbled. At the moment we are having our first term school holidays. When school start again next week, I will show Charles your comment. He will be thrilled.

    Thank you again,

    Jenny She